every WOMAN - Whistler - May 30 to June 1, 2014

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every WOMAN™ - Whistler, May 30 to June 1

Get Energized!

Because you want to!  Join us for the 11th Annual every WOMAN - Whistler.  
May 30 to June 1, 2014 at Nita Lake Lodge.

Weekend Registration:  $299
5 Workshops Pass: $99 (use promo code: 5ALIVE)
(you can also select the following in addition to your 5 workshops)
- Friday Welcome
- Saturday Ramp Up/Cool Down
- Sunday Wrap-Up 

Registration deadline is May 25.

Scroll down for more info.

For women who like to be or want to be more active.  
Humour recommended.  Movement guaranteed.



Event Summary


- 10am - check-in
- 1:0pm to 3:45pm workshops
- 4pm hotel check-in
- 4:30pm welcome/group activity
- 5:00pm last friday workshop
- dinner on-your-own

- 7am Fix Cafe open for breakfast
- 8am to 11:45am morning workshops
- 11:45pm to 1:00pm (lunch-on-your-own)
- 1:00pm to 3:45pm afternoon workshops
- 4:00pm ramp-up/cool down
- 6:30pm pay-as-you-go dinner at Aura or Cure Lounge (optional)
- 9:00pm dancing at Buffalo Bill's, live music at Cure or Hanky Pank Party (optional)


- 8am to 11:45am workshops
-11:45pm (quick) wrap-up

$249 Early Bird
$299 Regular (after April 15)


Where is every WOMAN being held?
Nita Lake Lodge. Take advantage of additional hotel savings before December 31. Call 1-888-755-6482 or email info@nitalakelodge.com to book your room for every WOMAN - Whistler.  You just need to BOOK it now.  Payment is due 30 days before the event.  Call or email now, this is an amazing deal that Nita Lake Lodge is offering to us! (Refer to 'every WOMAN')

every WOMAN
(1 bed. Sleeps 2)
One Bedroom
(1 bed, 1 pullout.  Sleeps 4)
Two Bedroom
(2 beds, 1 pullout.  Sleeps 6)

Do you have any awesome tee-shirts and/or clothing that we can pre-order?
Why yes, we do!  We are so thrilled with our partnership with Mandala Sky!  Check out the 2014 every WOMAN-Mandala Sky tees!  You can pre-order online now, purchase with your registration, or buy one at every WOMAN.

Why Whistler?
Our original vision was to 'be active in nature'.  We love Whistler and we know you will too.  Whistler is truly our 'gala' event.  There is something about getting away from it all and truly taking time yourself, and breathing in that incredible mountain air.  When you exercise for such an extended period of time (taking well-deserved breaks...going at your own pace), there is no doubt that you will be fatigued.  The every WOMAN experience breaks down barriers.  It allows you to be your true self in a non-contrived fashion.  You laugh at being awkward at Capoeria, you chuckle at missing the beat in Zumba, you smile (with confidence) when you can't touch your toes in yoga, you howl when you can't make it up the hill on your bike.  It is about the experience.  It is about utilizing physical activity to make the most of your life.  Come join us!

Where should I stay?
At Nita Lake Lodge. You will be sorry if you don't....call today at 1-888-755-6482  or email info@nitallakelodge.com to book your retreat accommodation.

Where do I park?
$20 for Nita Lake Lodge overnight guests.  Free for the day for participants.

What does the workshop price include?
An incredibly interactive experience of over 80 workshops to choose from.  Alot of fun.  Great connections.  Inspiration and motivation.

What does the price not include?
Breakfast, lunches, dinner, spa and extra cost activities like kayaking, ATVing, Bungee Jumping, SUP, Coooking, etc.

What if I only want to do a few workshops?
A 5 workshops pass will be available for only $99.  Check back one month before the event.

What is the every WOMAN Marketplace?  Do you take exhibitors?
Sortof....we are very selective about our offerings to provide value to our participants.  We typically have about twenty products and services in the every WOMAN Marketplace featuring fitness, health and wellness such as Clothing, Counselling, Photography by photoBin, BodyTalk, Personal Coaching, Physio, Water Bottles, Astrology and Tarot Readings, Jewellry, Samples, etc.  Email us about the nature of your product and company name, and we will consider whether you are a fit and provide you with more information.  If you are partcicipant, be sure to bring your cheque book or cash to take advantage of these wonderful services between workshops.

What is the Saturday ramp-up/cool down about?
We will do a group movement of some sort, make sure our muscles are feeling good after the long day of activity.  Vision Wealth Management has generously offered to provide lemonade and ice tea, so stick around to socialize or quaff quickly and get going to your spa treatment.

What happens at the dinner?
Totally relaxing.  In previous years we have done a formal dinner with key note speaker.  This year we are inviting everyone to come dine at the hotel - either at Aura (fine dining) or Cure Lounge. It's really a great way to celebrate your day and have some laughs.  Mingle if you wish.  Or just enjoy a quiet dinner with your friends in a great atmospher.

When should I plan to arrive?
Honestly?  You should take the day off work on Friday and get to Whistler before noon.  The first workshops start at 1:00pm on Friday.  You must arrive at least 30 minutes before your first workshop. Please allow for travel time and parking.

What should I wear?
Casual active wear.  Mandala Sky will be on site with gorgeous apparel.  (Don't feel like you have to go buy stuff in advance 'to look good'.  Sky Marcano's got an amazing designer collection that will make you look and feel great.

How long are the workshops?
40 to 45 minutes.  (A few are 2 to 3 hours).

Do I have to select a workshop for every time slot?
No!  Take it easy, this is your getaway.  Just select the workshops that you want to do, and you can allow for breaks!

Why are the workshops so short?
The idea is to get a taste of different activities that you might be interested in.  If you like what you see/hear/learn, then follow-up with the workshop leader and take her class or join a longer retreat.

How many people in each workshop?
Between 6 and 100.

What if I am out of shape?
This is an event for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  You have got to start somewhere.  But it is also up to you to take responsibility for your own body.  If you never exercise, then we do not recommend taking back-to-back physical/active movement workshops.  We have a variety of wellness and motivational workshops offered at every time slot - so believe it or not,  you could come to every WOMAN and not actually exercise.....we don't recommend that, but hey!  if you want motivation, you will find it.  If you have a question about your health, please see your doctor in advance.  We recommend that you alternate between active and wellness-oriented (lecture-style) workshops, and PACE YOURSELF.  The event is meant to inspire.  Come with an open mind, an ability to laugh at yourself, patience and a fun-seeking attitude.  (And don't worry about what other people think - they are worrying about themselves, not you!)

What if I am in great shape?  I don't want to be bored with intro classes.
If you are a runner, then chances are you haven't taken a dance, zumba or yoga class for a while - try something new!  If you take aerobics or groove on a regular basis, then try Nordic Walking or Running or Mountain Biking!  If you have been taking yoga for ten years or more, you will know that yoga is about your own practice and you should be able to pace yourself and push yourself according to your own body type.  You have to know yourself, but the moral is, if you are a mountain biker, don't take mountain biking.  If you are a dancer, don't take ballet.  Try something new, something that you have never tried before.  Open your body AND MIND!

How many people in the whole conference?
Last  year we had over 250.

How many years has every WOMAN been operating?
Nine!  Since 2004.  2014 is our 11th Year in Whistler!

E-mail info@everywoman.ca for more information.